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Warhol: Introduction & Table of Contents

The focus of this Inaugural Issue of MOOC Magazine is the creative output of Dr. Glyn Davis’ Warhol MOOC from the University of Edinburgh / Coursera.

Nothing special: Warhol’s childhood scrapbook

Andy Warhol’s Childhood Scrapbook may be understood as the germ of a number of themes and obsessions that underscore the majority of Warhol’s adult life from the fascination with Hollywood and stardom to the way in which the scrapbook is organised through uniformity, seriality, and an overt mechanical reproduction through the mass produced studio portraits of film stars.

Dollar Sign

Born to poor, immigrant parents in Pittsburgh in 1928, Warhol grew up during The Great Depression. From 1962’s 200 One Dollar Bills, to 1981’s Dollar Sign, Warhol spent his career painting that which he grew up without.

The Velvet Underground & Nico

Andy Warhol designed and produced covers for over 50 record albums, for classical, spoken word, jazz, rock and pop music, from 1949 to 1986. None have quite achieved the status afforded to The Velvet Underground & Nico with its Andy Warhol Banana.

Self-portrait in Drag

With her cropped blonde wig and horizontal striped shirt, it seems as if Cindy Sherman is impersonating Andy Warhol impersonating a woman: heads cocked back, full slightly parted lips, and cool unwavering stares, although Warhol’s seems a bit more vacant. Sherman’s character is just as beautiful, but she knows it; maybe she has had more practice.

Ultra Violet

As we were putting the final touches on the Warhol Issue of MOOC Magazine, we received the sad news that Factory Superstar Ultra Violet passed away on Saturday,June 14, at the age of 78. We’ve set up this page with a few small memories of her and invite you to leave a message.

NorthPark Warhol

The NorthPark Center in Dallas is an upscale shopping mall with a public art collection that includes a wall of 10 Warhol screenprints. Does anyone notice or care?

Andy Warhol vs Jack Bauer

Andy Warhol is an artist. Jack Bauer is a spy. Their job titles are different but each is on a quest for truth. The favored truth extracting technique for both Andy and Jack is torture.

Flowers, 1964

After Warhol’s Death and Disaster series Henry Geldzahler said, “Enough death and disaster Andy, it’s time again for life.” And just like that Andy took a magazine image of flowers, cropped it into a square, and began color-blocking each blossom.

Green Car Crash

Green Car Crash is part of Warhol’s Death and Disaster series which explores how tragedy and horror occur to ordinary people on a daily basis.


Movies show you what to do, how to do it, when to do it, how to feel about it, and how to look how you feel about it. – Andy Warhol.

Flash, Nov 22, 1963

Andy Warhol was painting in his studio and listening to the radio the day JFK was assassinated. He immediately created his series of Jackie Kennedy portraits. 5 years later he returned to the assassination to create Flash – November 22, 1963

Ethel Scull 36 Times

Warhol took Ethel Scull to an amusement arcade in Times Square and photographed her in a photo booth, creating twenty-four sheets of photographs. She initially protested but gradually began to enjoy herself, at least partly because Warhol was continuously tickling her. Ethel Scull reportedly said “What I liked about it mostly was that it was a portrait of being alive.”

Electric Chair

The electric chair was first used by Warhol in 1964 in his Little Electric Chair series. These pieces were of the whole execution room. He cropped the image down to just the chair for the 1967 paintings then used the image again in 1971 in a portfolio of ten screenprints, these being known as Big Electric Chair, and finally once more in 1985.

Last Supper

Commissioned in 1984 by Alexandre Iolas, Warhol created more than 100 versions of the Last Supper, both silk-screened and hand-painted, to inaugurate an exhibition space within Milan’s Palazzo Stelline Gallery. One month after the series debuted Andy Warhol died after undergoing gallbladder surgery.

A Little Bird Told Me

Reminiscent of Andy’s great interactivity, Warhol MOOC instructor Glyn Davis had an almost unprecedented presence and interaction within the MOOC Forums at Coursera. Outside the walls of Coursera, he tweeted updates about the course and all things Andy. Here’s a sample…

Warhol Authors

shoulder cropped portrait of Gary Needham from video interview with Glyn Davis

Gary Needham

Guest Editorial

Senior lecturer in film and television studies at Nottingham Trent University. Co-editor with Glyn Davis of Warhol in Ten Takes, 2013. Working on a book on Warhol & Edie Sedgwick and the films they made together.

Denis Jones


American émigré humanities and literature professor raising his little girl in the Kingdom of Dust & Stolen Dreams; Siem Reap, Cambodia, Earth.

Carron Riach


I'm a 38 year-old full-time MOOC student and Courserian living in Toronto, Canada.

Jade Knights


Student Graphic Web Artist Designer Wannabe Entrepreneur Dreamer
"It takes a long time to become young." -- Pablo Picasso

Christopher Longoria


Photographer / filmmaker based in Dallas. Photographed Academy Award Directors, Cinematographers, and Actors for American Film Institute of Dallas and Dallas Film Society.

Paul Beaudoin


Online education specialist, composer, music theorist & art historian. Travel the world training teachers to teach with technology. Working on a book & living in the palazzo once owned by Pauline Napoleon in Florence.

Nuriya Sagiyeva


I'm an interior designer living and working in Kazakhstan. I love to be inspired by fantastically great ideas. But what really makes me happy is seeing them become alive.

Linda Shuttleworth


University teacher living in Northern England where I feed my mooc-addiction and enjoy museum & art gallery tourism.

Jennifer Walk


here I am on the legendary Factory couch. I starred in many classic Warhol films. This is my story.

Ian Hazzard


Ian Hazzard is an Aspergian fan of the embattled NRL Sharks rugby league team who likes art, reading, writing, movies, music, go moku, cacti, Philip K Dick and humourous chickens. He lives in rural Australia and has a wife Kelly and an Autistic son, Will.

Americo Neves


Graphic designer in Macau. I like creating interesting stuff and reading non-fiction books.