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Dancers in a courtyard

Backhaus Dance Company

At the age of 34 I was murdered by my husband.

Isabella Medici

At the age of 28 I died of a drug overdose.

Edie Sedgwick

Isabella was born in in Florence in 1542; Edie was born in Santa Barbara 401 years later in 1943. We were both born rich. Privileged. Even so, as for so many others across time and place, life was not always kind to us.

Destroyed my people are
Destroyed for lack of knowledge

Gordon Gano

Spatula and Barcode conversing across a table

Spatula & Barcode

We’ve come to believe that the most empowering thing this world has ever known is knowledge. Knowledge feeds people. Knowledge brings better lives. Knowledge brings equality. What you might call evil, we call ignorance.

We’ve teamed up to create MOOC Magazine! MOOC Magazine is a cousin site to Practice Based.Re/act. .Re/act is a place to keep the dialog and collaboration between artist-scholars going. And now MOOC Magazine! is a place to share the text, video, performance and other works created in MOOC experiences.

MOOC Magazine!

Every quarter we’ll publish a new issue of MOOC Magazine! on Solstice or Equinox. Each issue focuses on the creative output from one Arts MOOC. Our current editorial schedule is:

line drawing of Isabella Medici & Edie Sedgwick

Isabella Medici & Edie Sedgwick, Editors

If you’d like to contribute your work, or suggest a MOOC to dedicate an issue to, please drop us a note!

Creatively Yours,

Isabella Medici, Baroncelli Villa, Florence
Edie Sedgwick, Corral de Quati, Santa Barbara

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  1. Edie Sedgwick lives!!!??? Is this Warhol’s adored Edie Sedgwick?

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    • Oh hey Beverly! Yessy, it’s meeeee! I had a Twitter Resurrection on 4/20 the day before Glyn Davis’ Warhol MOOC started. I’ve been haunting the MOOC — mostly fun, but bittersweet, well, ok, often difficult! Gawd, I had a crappy life! But hey, it’s 2014! Who’s emo? Not meee!

      Anyway, I started a fun website:

      And then when I realized that all that Factory fun probably wasn’t sustainable (I’ve visited 42 parallel universes since my death 42 years ago, and Edie dies young in all of them! 🙁 So I decided that maybe there was a better way to go than Andy’s Industrial Factory, so I launched Edie’s Organic Farm:

      And now, as you SEEEEE, I’ve teamed up with Isabella Medici (she comes from even more money than my family!! 🙂 to launch this MOOC Magazine!

      Were you in the Warhol MOOC Beverly? I hope you’ll contribute your essay to MOOC Mag!

      How’s it with you??



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  2. Edie! I’m obsessed with Andy Warhol, and yes I learned so much in the Coursera Warhol Univ of Edinburgh MOOC. My essay is now in peer review. I will share it gladly, but it is more about his life and how he expressed his desire to escape his many illnesses through his works. American Dream, American Disaster, American Mythology: Andy Warhol. Thanks for the response. You are beautiful!

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    • giggles, aww thanks Beverly! Do you go by Bev? or Beverly? (haha, I answer to almost anything, but I’m partial to “Hey Dweeb!”) I guess if you have to die young, you should at least be beautiful (blushes)

      Yes, your Warhol essay sounds fantastic. As you know it was a really informative “seminar” (better to me than the “lecture” format of so many MOOCs) I think I learned a lot (of course my brain was pretty fuzzy back in the day, so maybe I was “relearning”) It’s remarkable to think about how huge Andy has been, yet with so many people reading him “wrong” or at least reading less than the full depth of the work. If you want to send your essay over, you can email stuff to me at just.me@edie.pink

      1. Your Text
      2. Any images
      3. An author image
      4. An author bio (can be simple)
      5. Any links, like your blog or twitter or instagram, etc…

      LMK if you have any questions! I’m really excited to assemble this Warhol MOOC Magazine to sort of document & carry forward the experience we had here. I’ll be adding my own essay to the bunch also… which is here for now…

      xo Bev(erly)

      • Dweeb
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