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MOOC Magazine: Andy Warhol with Factory members

The Factory

MOOC Magazine! is a cousin site to Practice Based.Re/act. Both sites try to extend the great experiences found in MOOCs. For some a MOOC is a place to lightly engage, watch a few videos, and learn a bit about some new topic. For others MOOCs can be sites of deeper engagements in activity groups and forums. Projects include essays, performances, designs, and other creative works.

MOOC Creativity

MOOC creativity is often semi-siloed in non-public pages at Coursera, NovoED, Iversity, and the other wonderful MOOC providers. While the content of instructional videos is great, we believe that the most compelling aspect of a MOOC experience can be the connections formed with other classmates across the globe, and the the project activities.

.Re/act is a place to keep the dialog and collaboration going.

MOOC Magazine! is a place to share text, video, performance and other works created in MOOC experiences.

MOOC Magazine: Dancers in a courtyard

Backhaus Dance Company

MOOC Magazine!

Every other month we plan a new issue of MOOC Magazine! dedicated to the creative output from one arts MOOC like Warhol MOOC, Practice Based Research in the Arts, Creating Site Specific Dance and Performance Works, and beyond…

If you’d like to contribute your work, or suggest a MOOC to dedicate an issue to, please drop us a note!

Creatively Yours,

Isabella Medici, Baroncelli Villa, Florence
Edie Sedgwick, Corral de Quati, Santa Barbara

Author: Edie Sedgwick

So over amphetamines & heroin! Now I'm all about low-carbs & high-fiber! Come visit me on Edie's Farm! We run 6 miles every morning before breakfast. The Factory was so last century. It's The Farm now. I'm, like, Ms. Sustainability!

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